Just like any other establishment, ski resorts have also a crucial need to provide information especially to its visitors. For the past few years, many of these resorts are already embracing the digital signage LCD technology to deliver relevant contents effectively whether it is an important notice or simply a form of advertising.

There are several applications of an LCD digital signage in ski resorts. It can be used to display important information regarding the resort such as which ski runs are open and which are closed, schedule of operation of the resort, and emergency alerts. It can also be used to provide information not only about the ski resort but to other nearby attractions and restaurants as well. While most ski resorts have an information center, installing an LCD kiosk for such purpose can help answer many queries of the visitors. For instance, it can show which dining places in the area are available in a certain period of time.

While ski resorts have challenging conditions due to very cold weather, there are several types of LCD displays that are designed to endure such environment. There are outdoor LCD screens which are ruggedly built to endure extreme temperatures without compromising performance. As it is an outdoor application, the direct exposure to sunlight can also be an issue. However, several LCDs nowadays can be equipped with high brightness levels and anti-glare screens to ensure that the content is still readable in such conditions.

Suntronic LCD offers a wide range of outdoor LCD displays that best suits ski resort applications. Our products provide cutting-edge visual technology that can withstand harsh outdoor elements, ensuring that it delivers important information to visitors and holiday makers.

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