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Product Summary

GS Series
32" LCD GS3200L/P (1100nits)
46" LCD GS4600L/P (1500nits)
46" HD LCD GS4600HDL/P (1500nits)
55" LCD GS5500L/P (1200nits)
65" LCD GS6500L/P (1200nits)
70" LCD GS7000L/P (2000nits)
82" LCD GS8200L/P (1500nits)
102" LCD VideoWall (1500/3000nits)

GSTouch Series

22" GS22IR-MTS-U
24" GS24IR-MTS-U
26" GS26IR-MTS-U
32" GS32IR-MTS-U
37" GS37IR-MTS-U
42" GS42IR-MTS-U
46" GS46IR-MTS-U
55" GS55IR-MTS-U
57" GS57IR-MTS-U
65" GS65IR-MTS-U
70" GS70IR-MTS-U

S Series
15" LCD S1500 (1000nits)
17" LCD S1700 (1000nits)
19" LCD S1900 (1000nits)
19" LCD S1900W (1000nits)
20" LCD S2000 (700nits)
22" LCD S2200 (1000nits)
24" S2400 (1000nits)
26" LCD S2600 (1000nits)
32" LCD S3200 (1000nits)
42" LCD S4200 (1000nits)
46" LCD S4600 (1000nits)
46" LCD S4600H-OB (700nits)
47" LCD S4700 (1000nits)
55" LCD S5500 (1000nits)

U Series
22" U2200L/P (1200nits)
32" U3200L/P (1200nits)
46" U4600L/P (1500nits)
55" U5500L/P (1200nits)
65" U6500L/P (1200nits)
W Series
22" W2200 (1000nits LED Backlight)
24" W2400 (1000nits LED Backlight)
26" W2600 (1000nits LED Backlight)
32" W3200 (1100nits)
42" W4200 (1000nits)
46" W4600 (1100nits)
55" W5500 (1100nits)
65" W6500 (1200nits)

SL/SP Series
32" SL3200/SP3200
46" SL4600/SP4600 (1500nits)
55" SL5500/SP5500
70" SL7000/SP7000

M Series
32" M3200 (1100nits)
46" M4600 (1200nits)

D Series
15" DPC1500 (1000nits)

K Series
15" KOP-H1500/SW/IR (1200nits)
17" KOP-H1700/SW/IR (1200nits)
19" KOP-H1900/SW/IR (1200nits)
21.5" KOP-H2150/SW/IR (1200nits LED backlight)
22" KOP-H2200/SW/IR (1000nits LED backlight)
24" KOP-H2400/SW/IR (1000nits)
26" KOP-H2600/SW/IR (800nits)
32" KOP-H3200/SW/IR (1200nits)
42" KOP-H4200/SW/IR (1000nits)
46" KOP-H4600/SW/IR (1000nits)
55" KOP-H5500/SW/IR (1000nits)

B Series
46" B4600 (1500nits)

High Quality Parts
Our company uses only the best, using only High Quality parts along with components in USA or imported from Korea, Taiwan and Germany , for quality that you can trust!

Customer Service
Our customer service reps are here to help you with your Outdoor LCD sign. From general questions to technical support, we leave you feeling completely satisfied.

US Manufactured
Our Outdoor LCD Signs are assembled, tested and shipped from our very own factory in USA, giving us the ability to customize signs to your needs.

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